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Look first! Corrugated pipe processing process-used to protect automobile wiring harness

Corrugated pipe for protecting automobile wiring harness
There are many ways to protect automobile wiring harnesses, such as tape winding / external sleeve protection / plastic parts protection, etc.
Among them, the corrugated sleeve, as a special protection method for the wire harness, also has its own corresponding processing equipment. Today we will take a look at the processing methods of this kind of wire harness commonly used protection sleeve.

The first is the corrugated tube (Corrugate Tube), the corrugated tube has many kinds of materials, the common ones are PA/PE/PP, and even nylon is added. Most commonly used materials for automotive wiring harnesses are PP (polypropylene), whose main characteristics are high voltage resistance / corrosion resistance / friction resistance / high impedance, and one of the most important features is flame retardancy. This is also an important reason why certain parts of automobile wiring harness use it as external protection.

Before entering the factory, the corrugated casing needs to be determined whether it has a longitudinal opening. If you plan to cut manually (hand tools), it is better to choose the opening; If you plan to use a machine for processing, it is better to choose not to open, because most machines cannot process corrugated sleeves that have been opened longitudinally. The reason is very simple. When the blade is pressed down to cut the casing, the opened casing cannot withstand the pressure and will collapse and cannot continue to be processed. As shown below

Fireproof corrugated casing of PA/PE/PP
The peaks and valleys are mentioned in the picture, which is also something that needs attention during the processing. Because the internal wires need to be protected, the contact point when the blade is undercut can only be the "wave crest" (because of the height)
Processing machines are usually divided into two parts, casing placement area (crimping) + machine working area.

After placing the casing, select a series of transmission pipes that match the outer diameter of the casing, and then pass the casing through the entrance of the machine. Pay attention to the limit column at the entrance and press down to fix it.

Continue to feed the corrugated casing to be processed into the machine. The black cone in the figure below is the catheter in the cutting area

After the corrugated casing is penetrated as a whole, preparations are ready. Let's take a look at the internal outline of the entire machine

Retardant corrugated tube longitudinal opening
In the picture, there are 4 knobs that can be adjusted (there is one on the outside, a total of 5). These 5 are the key parameters of processing
Casings of different diameters correspond to different dynamic parameters. For example, Knob 1 is for adjusting the pressure gap, 3 is for adjusting the cutting position of the blade, etc.; Generally speaking, there will be a work instruction in the work area, which indicates the parameters corresponding to common casing processing, which is easy for employees to understand and operate after qualification training.

Here is a special note about the blade area, because this is the core processing part of the machine. This machine is composed of three blades, two of which are used for positioning and the other is responsible for cutting, which is similar to the structure of three points in a circle. In addition, there is an infrared sensor above the blade, which is responsible for sensing whether the sleeve has completely entered the processing range of the blade.

This is a corrugated casing processing equipment imported from abroad. Its function is to cut the corrugated casing longitudinally + transversely (wave crest) to the length we need; In fact, there are many similar suppliers in China. The principle is very simple and can be copied, but the blade processing accuracy and durability program need to be improved. Hope to see more and more Made in China in the future, and be competitive to occupy market share!
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