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Product Item: Electronic Wiring Harness Manufacturer
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Electronic wiring harnesses are widely used in: home appliances, electrical appliances, mobile phones, electronics, electric bike, motorcycle, car, electronic ignition, locker.


What is an electronic wiring harness? The function and application of electronic wiring harness.

The definition of electronic wiring harness and the components of ordinary wiring harness are: wires, terminals, and plastic parts. The transmission connection of current, signal, temperature and humidity in our electronics and electrical appliances is the meaning of "electronic harness". It builds a bridge of communication between two or more isolated electronics and circuits, so that current can flow and various functions of various electronic components can be realized. It is an indispensable component in various electrical and electronic equipment. ​Complex wiring harness composition also includes: tape, cable tie, sleeve, sheath, label and so on.
Electronic wiring harnesses are widely used in: home appliances, electrical appliances, mobile phones, electronics, electric bike, motorcycle, car, electronic ignition, locker.

The home wiring harness is the main body of the circuit, and without the home wiring harness, there is no electrical circuit. At present, whether it is a high-end luxury home appliance or an economical ordinary home appliance, the wire harness braided form is basically the same, which is composed of wires, connectors, and wrapping tape. The wiring harness of electrical appliances is also called low-voltage wire, which is different from ordinary household wires. Ordinary household wires are copper single-core wires with a certain degree of hardness. The wiring harnesses of household appliances are copper multi-core cords. Some soft wires are as thin as hair, and several or even dozens of soft copper wires are wrapped in a plastic insulating tube (polyvinyl chloride), which is soft and not easy to break. Common specifications for wires in household appliances wiring harnesses include wires with a nominal cross-sectional area of 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, etc. square millimeters. Each of them has an allowable load current value and is equipped with wires of different specifications for different power consumption equipment.

The number of PIN, length, color, shielding requirement level and so on can be customized for the electronic wire.

Wire harnesses are roughly divided into the following categories:
1. Driver screen wiring harness: Mainly used in the driver wires of various display screens, as long as they are used in the field of display screens;
2. Control wiring harness: mainly used to connect circuit boards to control electrical signals, financial equipment, security equipment, new energy vehicles and medical equipment;
3. Power wiring harness: such as switching power supply wiring harness, computer power wiring harness, etc.;
4. Data wiring harness: upload and download signals, such as the data cable of MINIMICRO, Samsung and Apple.
Household appliance wiring harness
Model: wire harness, cable assembly
Application: Household appliances
Insulation material: PVC, PTFE, silicone wire, etc.
Service: Accept OEM, ODM
Type: Cable harness accessories
Household appliance wiring harness

Terminal wiring harness for cooling fan
1.0 pitch terminal line
1.2 pitch terminal line
1.25 pitch terminal line
1.5 pitch terminal line
2.0 pitch terminal line
2.5 pitch terminal line
2.54 pitch terminal line
Terminal wiring harness for cooling fan

Terminal harness for lithium battery
More and more lithium battery devices have come out. The most common mobile phones, balance cars, drones, and smart robots are all powered by lithium batteries. The importance of lithium batteries is self-evident. At the same time, the wiring harness of the lithium battery terminal also has a very important impact on the performance of the lithium battery. Terminal harness for lithium battery

SM2.54 /PH2.0/XH2.54 male and female paired wiring harness
Waterproof connector
JST 02R-JWPF-VSLE male and female butt plug 2/3/4/6/8 holes
JWPF series waterproof connector has excellent waterproof performance, beautiful appearance and small size. It has been widely used in automobiles and industrial products that require waterproof connectors. And outdoor electronic and electrical equipment such as outdoor LED lighting equipment that have waterproof performance requirements for connectors.
Waterproof Wire Harness 08T/08R-JWPF-VSLE-S

SM2.54 /PH2.0/XH2.54 male and female paired wiring harness
Product model: xh2.54 terminal wiring harness;
Wire core material: tinned copper;
Sheath material; PVC insulation;
Rated voltage: 300V;
Customized processing: 2-12P customized processing;
Product advantages: comply with environmental protection, UL, Reach and other standards.
Application range of xh2.54 terminal line: LED, case inner line, camera, mobile phone, computer, communication, security, signal transmission, etc.
xh2.54 terminal wiring harness
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