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Connector Technology Development Trend

Product Item: Connector Technology Development Trend
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The "miniaturization", "high-speed mobility" and intelligence of connector products are the future development trends. The future technological innovation of the industry will mainly focus on the following directions:

The "miniaturization", "high-speed mobility" and intelligence of connector products are the future development trends. The future technological innovation of the industry will mainly focus on the following directions:
Connectors miniaturization

Miniaturized development
Connector miniaturization development technology
This technology is mainly developed for the trend of connector miniaturization and can be applied to micro-miniature connectors below 0.3mm. It is a new model of MINI USB series products. It can be used for multi-contact expansion card slot connectors, which can meet and exceed the strict requirements of multi-contact surface adhesion technology for contact coplanarity, with high accuracy and low cost.

Wireless transmission
High frequency and high speed wireless transmission connector technology
This technology is mainly aimed at a variety of wireless device communication applications and has a wide range of applications.

Simulation Application Technology Research
Simulation technology is based on a variety of disciplines and theories, using computers and corresponding software such as AutoCAD and Pro/E program stress analysis software as tools. Through the establishment of product model and corresponding boundary conditions, its mechanical, electrical, high-frequency performance and other performances are simulated and confirmed, thereby reducing the cost of product development failure caused by factors such as material selection and unreasonable structure. Increasing the development success rate will help provide support for the realization of complex system applications.

DC series power connector
Connector Smart Technology
This technology is currently mainly used in DC series power connector products. Smart signal detection can be performed before power transmission to ensure that the positive and negative poles are turned on and the power is turned on after the plug is inserted in place. The connector can avoid the bad consequences of arc damage and burning caused by the plug not being inserted in place, that is, no conducting contact. Yaxun companies need to develop similar intelligent technologies for other products.

Precision connector technology
Precision connectors involve many links such as product design, process technology and quality control technology. The main technologies include the following aspects:
(1) Precision mold processing technology:
Using CAD, CAM and other technologies, the introduction of high-precision processing equipment in the industry, the use of technical personnel production experience and advanced equipment and technical means to achieve high-precision high-quality mold products.

(2) Precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: To achieve precise, efficient and stable all-round control of various stamping parts and injection molded parts and perfect surface quality to ensure product quality.
(3) Automated assembly technology: Through the application of precision control technology, semi-automatic inspection machine technology, etc. Overcome the manual operation of precision products and improve core competitiveness.

Research on connector manufacturing process
The competitiveness of products depends to a certain extent on the level of manufacturing technology. Continuously developing new manufacturing techniques and improving existing production and processing techniques can greatly improve product manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance capabilities.

(1) Fine manufacturing process:
This process is mainly aimed at technologies such as small pitch and thin thickness. Yaxun has conducted research on the manufacturing process of connectors with a pitch of less than 0.4mm. This type of technology can ensure that the company reaches the advanced level of international peers in the field of ultra-fine manufacturing.

(2) Integrated development technology of light source signal and electromechanical structure:
This technology can be applied to audio connectors built into electronic components. By adding IC, LED and other electronic components to the audio connector, the audio connector has the function of transmitting both analog and digital signals. This breaks through the current design of the audio connector for conduction transmission by means of mechanical contact.

(3) Low temperature and low pressure forming process technology:
Utilize the sealing and physical and chemical properties of hot-melt materials to achieve insulation and temperature resistance. After injection molding, the wire protects the solder joints from being pulled by external forces, and the encapsulation of the DC connector body and the wire has the functions of insulation, temperature resistance, and impact resistance. To ensure product quality and reliability, the future will continue to be developed and applied to different products.
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