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A rectangular connector is a connector with a substantially rectangular shape and a rectangular mating surface. There are many varieties and specifications, and the application is also very wide. This type of device is designed to optimize signal integrity in applications with limited internal space. Our rectangular connector housings use a wide range of materials from molded plastics to die-cast alloys, supporting wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections. Our product portfolio offers different grades and sizes, with or without locking function. Vertical joints can be equipped with positioning posts and drain holes, and blind-mate versions are available. Right-angle joints provide optional screw mounting flanges.

There is sometimes no strict distinction between rectangular connectors and printed board connectors, strip connectors, and ribbon cable connectors. The same kind of connector, some manufacturers classify it as a rectangular connector (approximately rectangular in appearance); Some are classified as printed board connectors (used in printed circuits); Some are classified as strip connectors (approximately long in shape); some are classified as ribbon cable connectors (connected with ribbon cables). It is widely used for indoor cable connection, internal connection of equipment and occasions requiring multiple rows of assembly.
Rectangular connector


The rectangular connector is also a low-frequency connector with multiple contact pairs. The cross section is rectangular, which is conducive to the high-density arrangement of contact pairs.
According to the connection characteristics, rectangular connectors can also be divided into two types: in-line and locking. According to the performance and structural characteristics, there are many kinds of non-sealed, sealed, high and low pressure mixed type, high and low frequency mixed type. Some do not have a shell, and the mounting part is the concave edge on the insulator; some are attached with a simple metal mounting plate;
Some have a complete shell.
The contact pairs of rectangular connectors have pinhole type (such as CD type); curved reed-round contact pin type (such as CA type); curved reed-flat contact pin type (such as CB type); Bending reed-bending reed type; Round pin-wire spring socket type, tubular socket-pin type, etc.
Rectangular connectors are locked with locks, as shown in "Figure 1: Outline Drawing of CD Type Rectangular Connectors". It is locked by the locking spring and the flange on the side of the shell, the structure is simple, and the operation is convenient.
The sealing device of the rectangular connector is arranged on the socket, and the inorganic sintering sealing method is mostly used.

Main type

There are mainly the following types of rectangular connectors:
1. CA, CB, CD rectangular connectors produced by the electronics industry.
2. Nowadays, CH-type rectangular connectors are mostly used.
3. J-shaped rectangular connectors mainly produced by enterprises of the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace.
4. Rectangular connectors produced by Military Industry (GJB).
5. Rectangular connectors produced according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Correct use

Use environmental conditions
1.1 Ambient temperature: It means that it should be used within the ambient temperature specified by the product. Even if the external environment temperature is not high, if the product is working in the chassis, the poor heat dissipation conditions and the heating of other components will cause the ambient temperature of the product to be much higher than the external ambient temperature. Use beyond the specified ambient temperature can also damage the metal coating or insulator.
1.2 Moisture or water: Moisture or water will cause a water film to form on the surface of the insulator, reducing the insulation performance, and even causing misconduct between adjacent contacts. Generally, connectors that are used in high humidity or water conditions for a long time should use sealing connectors.
1.3 Low air pressure: The air pressure will decrease under high altitude conditions (except in the constant air pressure sealed chamber). When the product is under low air pressure, the medium pressure of the product will drop. If the transmitted voltage is higher than the product specifications, electrical breakdown may occur and cause failure.
1.4 Corrosive environment: It refers to the atmosphere around the product when it is working, such as salt spray on the sea, acid and alkali in the storage warehouse of chemical raw materials, etc. These conditions will cause corrosion and erosion to the metal parts and insulators of the connector. When selecting the connector, you can put forward special requirements to the manufacturer or select products that can meet these requirements.
1.5 Mechanical conditions: Refers to the mechanical effects of vibration, shock, acceleration, etc., selected according to the parameters in the micro-rectangular connector sample. In fact, in actual use, after the cable and the contact are crimped, a clamp or other method should be used to fix the cable. Cables that are too long and have no fixing measures will endanger the safety of the cable under external forces such as vibration or impact. In severe cases, the cable will break and the micro-rectangular connector will be damaged.

Wire harness production method

The wiring method refers to the way the cable is connected to the rectangular connector.
2.1 Wire harness crimping: It has high mechanical strength, good electrical performance and high reliability.
2.2 Wire harness welding: Has the advantage of simple operation. However, it is easy to form false welds that are not easy to find due to welding methods, operating space and other reasons.
Silver-plated cold press pin for HD HDD rectangular connector

Electrical properties

3.1 Contact resistance:
The micro-rectangular connector with twisted pin can better ensure its contact reliability due to its multi-point contact.
3.2 Rated voltage: That is, the rated working voltage refers to the voltage that can be applied for a long time between the components that are insulated from each other. If the micro-rectangular connector is operated at a voltage higher than the rated voltage for a long time, the insulating material will fail and damage the connector.
3.3 Rated current: That is, the rated operating current. The magnitude of the rated current has been determined during product design. Excessive current will cause over-distribution of heat and damage the insulators and cause malfunctions. Do not increase the use current arbitrarily during use. To achieve high reliability, attention should also be paid to derating use, generally based on 75 to 85% of the rated current.
3.4 Insulation resistance: It refers to the resistance value formed on the surface or inside of an insulator after it is energized. The insulation resistance is related to the selected materials and the environmental conditions used. Generally, it will drop under high temperature or humidity, so it should be used according to the regulations of the micro-rectangular connector manufacturer.

Precautions for use

1. In order to ensure the reliable connection of the product, ensure that the connector is properly inserted during use. Do not insert forcibly if there is an abnormality during insertion.
2. Connectors that are not inserted in place or locked cannot be powered on.
3. The derating of the main technical parameters of the product (refer to the rectangular connector product sample manual) should be clarified according to different application conditions to improve the reliability of use.
4. The rectangular electrical connector is a connector in the form of a short shell, which does not have the function of preventing oblique insertion. When inserting, you should first align the direction and then slowly push in, because the twist needle needs time to automatically find the position. It is recommended to observe with eyes when inserting or separating the connector, and operate carefully to prevent the product from excessively skewing, and try not to pull out by shaking it from side to side. In particular, avoid excessive deflection at the moment of insertion or separation, otherwise it may cause damage to the pins, sockets, housing and other components.
5. Avoid stress on the root of the cable during use to prevent the cable from falling out or breaking.
6. For sealed rectangular electrical connector products with glass insulators as support, the welding terminals should not be moved randomly during welding, and should not be shaken side-to-side when pulling out. It should also be handled with care.
7. For frequently plugged and unplugged applications, converters, transfer cables or oblique plug connectors can be used when necessary.
8. For connectors that require soldering, avoid damage to the connector due to excessive soldering iron temperature or long soldering time.
9. When placing the connector, the connector should be inserted well or a dust cover should be installed.
10. Use matching installation tools to install the accessories of the connector to avoid damage to the screws or nuts due to excessive torque. When the installation accessories need to prevent loosening, it is recommended to take necessary anti-loose measures (such as adding elastic washers, etc.).
Standard rectangular connector Whether connecting 6V or 6kV, we can provide standard rectangular connectors that meet your requirements.
Our standard rectangular connectors have fool-proof design options, locking features, color error-proofing and various materials. Just select the characteristics required by your application, triple lock power connector, multiple MATE-N-LOK connectors, and Dynamic series connectors
Triple lock power connector
     VAL-U-LOK connector
     Dynamic series connector
     METRIMATE connector
     Mini MATE-N-LOK connector
     Small universal MATE-N-LOK connector
Rectangular power connector Triple lock power connector high temperature board end connector
The connector of the high temperature resistant triple lock power connector is plugged into the corresponding plug. They provide multiple options.

Triple lock power connector: glow wire cap
The glow wire (GWT, V0, NF 750°C) triple lock power connector cap is inserted into the corresponding plug. They are equipped with male terminals and provide a variety of options.

  STD temperature power supply double locking board end connector
The standard temperature double lock power connector is plugged into the corresponding plug. The locking piece is suitable for male and female ends to ensure that the terminal is installed in place and prevent the terminal from falling off.
Pins for rectangular terminals Our HDC inserts comply with the European standard EN45545 for railway vehicle materials and products in terms of flame retardancy. It meets the R22 and R23 requirements established by the HL3 level. This series of modular inserts uses a single connector to transmit signals, data and power, and also provides great flexibility when configuring rail connector systems.
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