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Manufacturing of Pluggable IO Connectors and Shells

Manufacturing of pluggable input/output interconnect product connectors

This type of connector can speed up data transfer between different devices. Our broad portfolio of pluggable input/output (I/O) connectors focuses on speed, density, flexibility, efficiency and standardization to provide you with reliable solutions.

In the field of data centers and metropolitan area networks, our CFP connectors support 40G and 100G Ethernet CFP optical modules, and also support the integration of the host PCB to the motherboard. In the field of servers and routers, our small form-factor pluggable (SFP) I/O interconnect products improve EMI or thermal performance by dissipating heat and reducing system temperature, and require less power for overall system operation. In the field of network interfaces and wireless base stations, our four-channel small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) connectors add four channels to one interface, and each channel has a data transmission rate of up to 28 Gbps. In storage solutions, Mini SAS products provide intensive internal or external solutions that comply with industry SAS standards. With TE's pluggable I/O connectors, you can flexibly provide superior designs and provide reliable high-density signal integrity at higher data transmission rates.

CDFP connector, housing and optical cable assembly 400 Gbps pluggable I/O

With a 16-channel data rate of up to 28 Gbps (400 Gbps total bandwidth), CDFP connectors, housings, and fiber optic cable assemblies can easily cope with the increasing data usage on the market. Simple one-piece, solder-free pluggable I/O components provide flexibility and standardization to meet your design needs, and are ideal for high-speed network connections and high-performance computing applications. We also provide customizable copper CDFP optical cable assemblies.

To help meet the current growing demand for pluggable I/O solutions to achieve greater bandwidth and space efficiency, YAXUN has introduced CDFP connectors and housing components. This is a 400 Gbit/s pluggable I/O component suitable for high-speed applications such as data centers, high-performance computing, and storage and networking equipment.

Main advantages and features:
Fast, efficient, simple and flexible
The data transmission speed of each channel is up to 28 Gbps, supporting current and next-generation Ethernet and PCIe network protocols
  16 bidirectional data communication channels integrated in 1 port and 1 optical cable assembly
The pre-assembled one-piece solderless connector and housing design enables one-step mounting on the circuit board
Double cable outlets can improve the flexibility of assembly and layout
Choose the thermal management and interface options that best suit your application
Provide customized copper cable assemblies

One of the products with the highest port and bandwidth density
With 11 CDFP ports, a 1U switch can provide 4.4 TB or more of bandwidth per second.
16 x 25 Gbps electrical interface = 400 Gbps per port
0.75mm pitch, 120 contacts, dual-row paddle card interface
C-type pluggable (CFP) connector, CFP2 and CFP4 interconnect Designed for speed and durability

C Form factor plug-in (CFP) interconnects are 40 to 100+ Gbps input/output (I/O) connectors. High-speed transmission of Ethernet and other protocols in high-performance applications (similar to carrier networks, data centers, and wireless devices) is realized. TE's latest CFP2 and CFP4 interconnect data transfer rate is 2.8 times faster than current CFP products, reaching 28 Gbps per channel, high-density locations >100 Gbps, and 0.6mm terminal pitch. TE's CFP2 and CFP4 connectors provide industry-leading signal integrity and use rugged housing solutions to achieve a more powerful solution than competitors and help ensure reliable connections.

High-speed serial interconnect products SATA connector
This type of connector is used to provide signal integrity at a higher data rate. Our high-speed serial connector product portfolio provides standard interfaces and various applicable data rates and protocol options. Our serial ATA (SATA) connector replaces parallel ATA bus to meet growing bandwidth and performance requirements. Our serial SCSI (SAS) connector provides a business storage solution in the form of a small (SFF) standard connector, which is designed for differential signals and promoting performance. Our Mini-SAS connectors provide a new generation of speeds for internal and external applications, and also compliant with SAS standards.

High-speed serial interconnect products

In the hard drive (HDD) and Solid State Hard Disk (SSD) for Personal Computers, our SATA connector provides a point-to-point link with hot-swappable features and a variety of height and direction options. In the mainstream server and enterprise storage system, our SAS connector supports dual-port transmission function, the spindle speed is faster, and the transmission rate is as high as 12Gbps. In the data center storage and switching system, our internal Mini-Sas HD connector provides a high-density, high speed interface of 12 Gb / s, and each connector supports the total 48 GB / S data rate (12g x 4 channel. ) And have a version that can transmit a total of 192 Gbps data rates, and its dimension is 30% more than the traditional internal Mini-SAS connector. With TE's high-speed serial connector, high-performance design can be obtained from a leading company in developing storage I / O standards and new interface standards.
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