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Correctly Choose the Specifications and Applications of Wires and Cables

Choose wires and cables. The following keywords are our special attention: color code, symbol, core material, thickness and fineness, circuit, braided, standard, installation, electricity.
Correct selection of cables
1. Choose a cable reasonably
When choosing products, you should fully understand the variety, specification, trenching and performance characteristics of wire and cable products to ensure the performance of the product and extend the service life. For example, the selection of high-temperature enameled wire will increase the working temperature of motors and electrical appliances and reduce the size of the structure. Another example is insulated wires, which have high temperature resistance, cold resistance, shielding characteristics, and various types of different flexibility, which must be selected reasonably according to the conditions of use. Ensure the correct cable material, save and protect energy.

2. The correct design of the circuit
In the circuit selection of wire and cable circuit design, various external damage and interference factors (mechanical, heat, thunder, electricity, various rot factors) should be avoided as much as possible, or corresponding protective measures should be adopted. For the distance, position difference, fixing method and spacing in the application, the structural form of the joint accessories is advantageous to the performance and configuration method. Coordination with other line equipment (such as oil-filled cable pressure fuel supply tank, communication cable repeater) and so on. Each application must be carefully investigated and researched, and the correct design must be made to ensure the reliable use of the cable.

3. Careful installation and laying

The cable body is only a part of the electromagnetic wave transmission system or engineering. It must carry out end processing, intermediate connection or other measures to form a complete engineering system with cable accessories and terminal equipment. The quality of the entire system, its reliable operation not only depends on the product quality of the cable itself, but also closely related to the quality of the construction and laying of the cable line. In the statistical analysis of the actual cable line failure rate. The failure rate caused by factors such as construction, installation, and connection is often much greater than that caused by the defects of the cable itself. Therefore, the construction and installation process must be strictly checked, and special attention should be paid to the matching of cables and cable accessories when selecting cables.
Correct installation of cables
4. Maintenance and management should be strengthened
Cable lines often have to travel long distances through different environments (fields, river bottoms, tunnels, bridges, etc.). Therefore, it is easily affected by external factors, especially damage by various external forces or corrosive factors. Therefore, strengthen the maintenance and management of cable lines, conduct line inspections and preventive tests frequently, take various effective protective measures, and establish necessary automatic alarm systems. And in the event of an accident, timely and effective determination of the fault location, convenient for quick maintenance and so on. These are important conditions to ensure the reliable operation of the cable line.

Cable manufacturers should continuously improve the design of connector accessories under the close cooperation of the majority of users. Connector accessories for wires and cables include: Various terminal heads and connection boxes for cable termination or intermediate connection; Fixing hardware and fixtures; And the pressure fuel supply tank of the oil-filled cable, etc. They are an essential part of the cable line.

Since the connector accessories are under the same conditions as the wires, the connector accessories must solve a series of problems such as not only drawing electric energy, but also insulating and sealing the surrounding environment. Therefore, its performance requirements and structural design are often more complicated than the cable product itself; At the same time, the joint accessories are basically assembled on-site and the installation conditions must be relatively poorer than the production conditions of the factory. This has brought some unfavorable factors to ensure the quality of cable joint accessories. Therefore, research and improvement of the materials, structure, and installation process of the joint accessories should arouse great attention from the manufacturing and use departments.
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