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Outdoor Wear-Resistant Special Power Cable

Outdoor cold-resistant and tear-resistant cable
QERJ special soft power cables are divided into: power cables and control cables. Power supply cables are suitable for power transmission; control power cables are suitable for transmission of control systems of instruments, meters and electrical equipment.

It is widely used in industrial systems, power stations, and can be used in applications that need to improve power and mechanical protection. It can be installed in the open air, underground, concrete, indoor and cable ducts, especially suitable for installation and use in colder places such as Russia, Northeast, etc. It has good cold resistance and tear resistance.

Cold-resistant cables can be used for mechanical power supply and control circuits working in high-cold areas. Its working temperature is minus 40 degrees to minus 100 degrees, and the cable still maintains good elasticity and bendability in cold climates. Suitable for oil drilling rigs, wind generators and other machinery in alpine regions.

●Cold resistant cable

Product advantages: oil-proof and cold-resistant.

Used in industrial machinery and equipment, transmission and transmission control systems, various industrial sensors, testing instruments, electronic equipment, field and cold-resistant occasions, and still maintain good elasticity and bending performance in alpine climates. The plastics in the ice storage and north (-40°C-60°C) are not easy to crack and maintain softness. The wire is made of imported copper and high-quality plastics for quality and safety.

The structure of the cable

Conductor: multiple strands of ultrafine finely stranded oxygen-free copper wire
Insulation: special mixed PVC insulation
Color: ≤0.5mm color display, brown, black, blue, purple, pink, orange
  ≥0.5mm black digits and white numbers, with yellow and green grounding wires above 3 cores (yellow and green are optional)
Sheath: Special modified PVC sheath

Conductor: bare copper wire stranded conductor, in line with EN60228 standard 1, 2 or class conductor requirements
Insulation: Special customized cold resistant rubber
Inner sheath: special customized cold-resistant rubber
Reinforcement: galvanized steel wire armor
Outer sheath: special customized cold-resistant rubber
Core wire identification: use different color identification, can add yellow and green ground wire
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