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Crane special cable

Suitable for heavy machinery cables, such as frequent winding and unwinding with torsional stress. Commonly used in transportation and conveyor belt systems, cranes, mining and rail motors. The neoprene outer sheath makes the cable resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation, as well as oil, acid and other solvents. The cable can be used in dry or humid rooms and outdoors.

Crane cable
● Features of the product

1. Soft and good bending performance: meet the requirement of small radius of curvature of mechanical guide wheel;
2. Wide application range: the products are divided into adhesion, semi-adhesion and non-adhesion types, which can meet the selection requirements of customers of various models;
3. The overall structure is tight: It can meet the requirements of different cable winding methods for pulley and cage construction hoists;
4. High safety, continuous cable core: During the warranty period, the cable reciprocating and reciprocating operation generally reaches more than 100,000 frequency. The flexural test of the finished cable shows that the cable can withstand more than 200,000 reciprocating operations without any broken cores in the conductor.

● The structure of the cable

Conductor: finely twisted strands of ultra-fine bare copper wire into bundles
Insulation: Insulation of elastomer
Color: The color of the core wire conforms to VDE0293308. A grounding wire with black cores above 7 cores has a white number and a green/yellow protective layer on the outer layer.
Cable formation: short pitch of stranded core wires
Internal protection: if any (flexible internal protection)
Reinforcement: with vulcanized textile weave to protect it from torsion
External protection: high-strength elastomeric external protection material, good weather resistance, flame retardant and self-extinguishing (in accordance with VDE0482 section 265-2-1, in accordance with EN50265-2-1 and IEC60332-1 standards)
Outer protection color: black

●Cable parameters

Rated voltage: 450/750 V
Bending radius: 7.5× outer diameter of cable
temperature range:
Mobile installation: -20℃~+80℃
Fixed installation: -30℃~+80℃
Electric hoist control cable
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