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RF wiring harness
El cable RF es una especie de cable de video. La capa exterior no solo está aislada, sino que también es resistente a la interferencia electromagnética, la señal transmitida es estable y no habrá desorden debido a interferencias externas.
Principio: hay menos interferencia, por lo que es más claro.
Funciones principales: programas de TV claros y una gran capacidad antiinterferente.

The main function

The definition of TV programs can be increased by 30%; Use 24K gold-plated terminals;
High-purity OFC (oxygen-free copper) conductor; SYWV-75 ohm coaxial cable structure design;
Double-layer shielding, strong anti-interference ability; The magnetic ring design with patented technology at both ends can effectively filter interference signals.

Scientific analysis

In fact, the so-called high-definition radio frequency cable on the market is just a gimmick for merchants. Generally speaking, high-definition RF cables on the market only have better quality PVC than ordinary RF cables. Some products may have some good gold-plated heads, which have better shielding capabilities than conventional radio frequency cables, and can avoid electromagnetic signal interference to a certain extent. Compared with the ordinary radio frequency line, there is nothing special about the signal, but the interference is less, so that the picture quality is improved to a certain extent.
In addition, the current civil radio frequency signals do not have high-definition functions, including radio frequency decoders are the same.

The utility model discloses a flexible protective structure of an automobile radio frequency wire harness, which includes a protective cover body. The protective cover body includes a wire harness passage for the wire harness to pass through. The two ends of the wire harness channel are respectively provided with wire clip components. The wire clip assembly clamps both ends of the wire harness; The protective cover body includes a first protective plate and a second protective plate. The first protective plate and the second protective plate are detachably connected and arranged, and the first protective plate and the second protective plate are butted and joined to form a wiring harness channel. The utility model can improve the aesthetics of the cable wiring through the protective cover body, make the cabin more tidy and orderly, and can effectively fix and tie the cables to prevent the cables from being scattered.

Protective bracket for radio frequency wiring harness

The utility model discloses a radio frequency wire harness protection bracket: comprising a base, a hollow female seat, a sleeve supporting rod, and a U-shaped radio frequency wire support. A hollow female seat is vertically arranged on the base; a socket support rod is inserted into the hollow female seat; a U-shaped radio frequency wire holder is arranged on the top of the socket support rod. Through the above method, a protective bracket for the radio frequency harness is provided, which aims at the problem that the radio frequency harness is susceptible to bending and damage, so that the radio frequency harness and the antenna maintain a uniform level. Added adjustable height-adjustable socket support rods, universal wheels, etc. Thereby effectively extending the service life of the radio frequency line.
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